The Dream is Over, Red Jacket

Mehmet Resul Kaçar
September 14 – October 29, 2023

Galeri 77 hosts Mehmet Resul Kaçar’s solo exhibition between the dates September 14th and October 29th. The artist, as we recognize for his distinctive technique in his paintings and his adept manipulation of various yellow hues, greets art enthusiasts with his second solo show at Galeri 77. This collection, aptly titled “The Dream is Over, Red Jacket” delves into themes such as migration, nostalgia, and longing for homeland. In this exhibition, the golden hues of Southeast Anatolia steppes beckon the viewer into a therapeutic contemplation while the title “the red jacket” turns into a metaphor for the artist’s inner reflection.

For Mehmet Resul Kaçar, Southeast steppes embody solitude, infinity, and a profound sense of melancholy. Such an emotional disposition incites an introspective examination of the inherent values that contextualize human existence and overarching significance of life. It frees the mind, inviting to indulge in free associations and deep reflections. Kaçar’s emphasis on tonal gradations brings nature’s nuances vividly to life, capturing the warmth of the sun, the vastness of layered steppes, and the majestic heights of mountainous terrains. On blistering summer days, we witness the earth crack open like baked bread, while gusts lift the sands in fierce ascent. In his latest artistic explorations, Kaçar chases this sense of dynamism, showcasing it through meticulous painting techniques he names “dotting” and “sweeping”. The exquisite craftsmanship illuminates textures, crystallizing motion in a dance of shadows in the sky and waves on the foothills.

In the universe crafted by Mehmet Resul Kaçar, the red jacket emerges as a symbol of artistic and/or existential threshold. On one side of this divide, we find heartwarming tales from childhood, imbued with a sense of longing for the life of the steppes. On the other, an artist’s journey, compelled by life’s whims to migrate to the unfamiliar terrains of a cosmopolitan milieu in pursuit of his own truth. The title “The Dream is Over, Red Jacket” eloquently articulates this duality - yearning, melancholy, and desolation against a search for artistic/existential reality and hope...


  • Hacımimi Mah. Necatibey Cad. Sakızcılar Sok. No: 1/E Karaköy Beyoğlu, İstanbul
  • Opening → September 14 2023, 10.00-18.00
  • Visiting Hours → Monday - Saturday, 10.00-21.00
  • Organizer → Buğra Uzunçelebi

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