Roman Kakoyan

Roman Kakoyan was born in 1998 in the Armenian village of Aragatsavan. The artist studied at the Aragatsavan Cultural Center between 2008-2014. In 2021, he graduated from the Painting Department of Panos Terlemezyan State Collage of Fine Arts in Yerevan, which he entered in 2014. Roman Kakoyan participated in a group exhibition held at the Artists’ Union of Armenia in 2019.

The promising and talented young artist Roman Kakoyan, who focuses on the spaces we live in in his works, stands out with his works that surprise our perception of depth with the illusionistic effect he creates by enriching his interior compositions, which he mainly creates with a single-angle perspective, with a striking Hockney-like color palette, light, shadow and various contrasts. For the artist, the idea of drawing a structure emerged when he discovered that buildings and interiors are the best tools to create the desired impression in expressing his art. Likewise, Kakoyan's main desire from the very beginning is to show the depth in his works. The artist, who is more interested in form, emphasizes that when it comes to colors, he chooses them instantly and it is important for him to reduce the tone of colors to stop them from getting in the way of the form.

Roman Kakoyan’s works can be found in personal collections including USA, Turkey, France, Germany, UK, Russia and Singapore.