Born in 1960, Kolkhida (Colchis), Georgia


The art of ARAQEL is undoubtedly unrivalled like the artist himself. As soon as you try to break into the inner world of the artist, you feel his art is sincere like him and at the same time so simply expressed like the artist’s thoughts, so isolated and at the same time so close to nature, to humanity, it is real and at the same time completely imaginary.


No line is senseless in the works of the artist. In ARAQEL’s art one immediately notices the elements of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur, features typical to surrealism. Considering his art a kind of revolutionary movement, ARAQEL unwillingly struggles with reality, with rules and laws and stated stereotypes that are identically unacceptable for the artist. Inspired by surrealism, ARAQEL’s works contain political and social elements. There is a lot of philosophy in the artist’s tale, however he never forgets the famous saying, “Everything genius is simple.”


The artist specializes in "tempera" (glazed paint) technology on wood, which is very difficult to apply because it dries very quickly and shows imperfections immediately.