Gallery 77 will be hosting Sedat Girgin’s ‘Keçilerle Kaçarken (While Going Nuts)’ personal exhibition where distinguished artworks depicting entrapped mental states of humanity and society, arising from changing conditions of today’s world, will be exhibited in its renovated space located in Karaköy between 11 May and 11 June 2017.


Welcome to the world of conscious free spirits, dancing on the shores of their minds! Before going inside the mirror, there are things that you need to hear; for instance a tale that you have not heard before...


Do you know what stands on the threshold of going mad? What connects the spirit to its essence? Or that fine line between sanity and madness? Do you consider things that you do not see, to be non-existent? Who can prevent what will happen once you crack open that shell? To some, this tale is a carnival whereas others would consider it a ritual. Whatever one may call it, you can witness that souls can exist in a different realm while still alive. Those who dance to the melody of their own language, those who accept living in a body they are stuck with, those who accept not being able to break the shell are discreet to the extent that you can trust them with your dreams and are eerie to a level where you would not want to lose your conscience in their presence. This is their tale; a tale that pushes the limits of the will of those who have lost themselves…


You have entered the world of Sedat Girgin willingly but whether you will lose your marbles or not is no longer is in your hands.


Rising star Sedat Girgin has gained a following from Turkish art enthusiasts in recent years. Despite his relatively young age, he has illustrated more than 80 books for various publishers and worked for magazines and creative agencies as a freelance illustrator. His first personal exhibition “Hayretler Sirki (The Circus of Wonders)”was opened in 2013. Treating his characters in a unique, playful but also bittersweet reality by creating a unique world, the artist describes his tone as snippy but sincere. Girgin likes to make a point of drawing as he feels like, loves playing around with forms and believes that he can directly relay emotions by deforming his figures. Just like a rough sea reviving a much stronger and tougher feeling than a calm one.


The exhibition will be focusing on solitude, obsessions, entrapments and deep melancholy of the mankind and ultimately its path leading to individual and public insanity, all the while confronting us with the reality of having to look to ourselves for a solution.


Sedat Girgin | WHILE GOING NUTS…
“Keçilerle Kaçarken”


May 11 – June 10, 2017
GALERİ 77, Necatibey Cad. No:77, Karaköy 34420 Istanbul, Turkey


Opening: May 11, 2017 / 11:00 - 19:00 (all day)
Visiting Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 - 18:00