Cem Mumcu

He was born in 1966, in Trabzon, Akçaabat.

He learned how to read and write at a very early age. His life revolved around books and literature ever since he was a child.

When he graduated from Medical School, he felt like he was “crammed in a bag”. He craned his neck through what he calls “The hole in the bag”, psychiatry. He completed his 10 years of specialization in Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital. One of Turkey’s most renowned and successful psychiatrists, Cem Mumcu is known to be using the method of Existential Analytical Psychotherapy. His research on psychiatry is focused on artistic creativity and mood.

He gave lectures on Artistic Creativity and Art Psychology for 3 years in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. Cem Mumcu gives classes on communication to some of the biggest companies in Turkey, and he was invited to TedxReset, the first organization of TED held in Turkey, as a speaker.

Known also for his authorship and publishing, he founded “Okuyan Us” publishing house in 1997. Okuyan Us is still publishing books as of today and impacting the industry with its innovations.

He has 17 books published (Tales From The Thousand and One People 1-139, Third Page Beauty, In Limbo and In Dreams, Corpus of Genuine Loves, Scale of Delicate Souls, Life is a Screen on Reality, The Grave, Disappointment in Life, The Book of Self Care, Should You Say or Should You Not, Therapy Thingy, Dementia in Literature, OCD and Depression, Women and Depression, Old Age and Depression, If It Begins It Ends That’s Why It’s Nice, Topsyturvy Ivy), he edited 6 books (Naked History of Turkey, The Secret History of Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital, Carnal Stories, Crazy Stories, The Book of Heroes, Arthritis and Art) and published 3 magazines (Artimento, Schizophrenia and Art, Pendulum)

His book, “Mezar (The Grave)”, has been published in 9 languages: Hungarian (Törökfürdö, 2007), Bulgarian (3AROBEHИ, 2010), German (Das Hamam, 2010), Albanian (Sarkofagu, 2011), Romanian (Mormant, 2011), English (The Grave, Taylor&Francis Group Middle Eastern Literatures Academic Publication, 2012), Italian (Lesioni Di Famiglia, 2013), Arabic (Makber, 2013), Macedonian (MakБep, 2013).

He also wrote in different genres such as poetry, stories, novels, essays and critics. He has never sent any of his works to any prize. He was awarded with Doruktakiler Story Writer prize in 2004.

Some of the magazines and publications his works was published in are: Taylor&Francis Group Middle Eastem Literatures (incorporating: Literature), Cogito, Kitap-lık, E, Varlık, Milliyet Sanat, Radikal Kitap, Milliyet Cadde, Vatan Newspaper, Evrensel Kültür, Aries, Artimento, Akademist, Yasakmeyve, Son Kişot, Hayvan, Aura, Vizyon, Cumhuriyet Magazine, Bütün Dünya, DermoArt, lstanbul Art News, Haliç Edebiyat, Yaşasın Edebiyat, Aziziye, Akşamlık, Genç Boyut, Şizofreni ve Sanat, Hürriyet Gösteri, lstanbul Life, Tempo, Bilim ve Gelecek, Cumba lstanbul, Arena and Deniz Yıldızı.

He took part in two conception television programmes as of today: Both “Short Circuit” and “By Whom According to What” were influential programmes thanks to their quality and their content.

Also drawing and painting, Cem Mumcu opened his first personal exhibition, “I’m Not The One You Think, I’m Not Any of Those You Think, I’m Not A Thing!”, in December 2016.